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I published this article after taking my then 11 year old son to the movie BORN N HE FOURTH OF JULY. I was angered and upset by Ron Kovic's about-face, turning his back on everything he'd believed in as a Marine and becoming involved with Vietnam Veterans Against The Wa. I personally abhorred the VVAW because I they dishonored the sacrifices of so many dedicated soldiers I served with who gave their lives or were horribly wounded and maimed fighting in Vietnam.

I was dismayed about the stereotype of Vietnam veterans emerging in the movies and in print, characterizing Vietnam combat veterans as psychotic, drug-crazed killers and rapists on a horror spree for kicks.  This article was the result of those anxious feelings.

When I saw the article in print I felt badly about what I'd written, and as a result, this was one of the last articles I published professionally. 

I welcome any comments about the article. Below is an image of the newspaper article, and a text box for easier reading.

View a photocopy of the original article which appeared in the Troy, NY "VIEWPOINT" section of the major newspaper (the name of which escapes me) on January 28th, 1990.