Photos courtesy of a top machine-gunner with A Co, John A. Masson, of Cloutierville, LA

SP/4 Robert J. Campbell, KIA 3 Mar 69, shown at panel 30W Line 20. Bn CO KIA same day, same action.

John Masson of Cloutierville, LA, with a captured MG like the one that got me***

John again with a Rocket Pro-pelled Gernade launcher we captured***

John with an unidentified Co A soldier.

Leaving FSB Professional for a nature walk in Death Valley.

A gathering at FSB Professional to view a cache of NVA wea-pons captured in Feb 69.***

Jim Anderson and John Masson at the mortar pit at the FSB.

Virgil "Woody" Woodard, of Wiston-Salem, NC, and John Lewendowski, and VN.***

John Masson of Cloutierville, LA, relaxing in the QuangTri jungle . . .

John with Steven Toth and John Lewenowski  . . .

Unknown, Steven Toth, and possibly Gage (?).

Relaxing on the lawn at FSB Professional . . .

Cockpit view during combat assault

Another aerial view of FSB Professional***

Cold LZ for a Combat Assault (CA). Oh what a relief!***

Aerial view of FSB Professional.

William Clyde Stinson, Jr.

Photo of Col Stinson Courtesy USMA at West Point


"We, the People . . . in order to . . ."